What if God's watchmen on the walls of this city were never sleeping? What if the darkness was pushed back by the Kingdom of Light? Would the city be transformed? What if God used YOU to do it? Why not Topeka? Why not now?


Be a Connector. The Life You Change May Be Yours.

ORT Connectors are the critical church contacts that administer the prayer initiative in their church. One church connector has found that ORT has changed her life. When the call came in her church for a connector, she was moved to step forward and volunteer. She acknowledged that prior to accepting this area of service, she had not been a prayer warrior.

But now, accepting this opportunity to serve, she finds she is a different person. Where before, prayer was not an urgent thirst in her life, she now finds she is constantly looking for opportunities to "be with the Lord" in prayer.

She has prayed, "Lord, I don’t even recognize myself anymore. You have changed my life." She now keeps ORT communicated to the church body, urging members to sign up for 24/7 opportunities.