What if God's watchmen on the walls of this city were never sleeping? What if the darkness was pushed back by the Kingdom of Light? Would the city be transformed? What if God used YOU to do it? Why not Topeka? Why not now?


Battle on Many Fronts – One Solution

The following was posted during the previous administration.  Praise the Lord for victories in some of these areas.  At the same time some issues have grown even worse and the election of a new president will not stem the tide.  Pray!

Recent Acceleration of Darkness in the Nation Means We Need Desperate Prayer
      It seems of late there has been one blow after another to our Christian heritage and religious freedoms.  Prayer and awakening in God’s people is our only hope.
      Here are some points for prayer:
·         Education.  From kindergarten through grad school, our secular institutions have become inhospitable and often hostile to Christians.  Teachers and students are coming under fire for speaking the truth, praying, or even possessing a Bible on campus.  Sadly, our youngest students are being indoctrinated with the homosexual agenda. One college student was disciplined for passing out copies of the US constitution!
·         Government.  Corruption and scandal abound.  Consider “Fast and Furious,” the IRS, VA, and Benghazi scandals, releasing five vicious jihadists, and Christian groups being targeted by Homeland Security, military trainers, and the Justice Department.  The president has issued executive orders that effectively shred the separation of powers.  The EPA runs rampant. The military is turning pro-gay. The borders are porous and illegals know they will not be deported.  Then, there’s our disastrous foreign policy.
·         Family.  Many in our nation are in favor of redefining marriage.  Even when voters affirm traditional marriage, the courts negate their wishes by proclaiming a civil right that does not exist in the constitution. “Gay pride” parades, a complicit media, and hateful advocacy groups have ramped up their efforts to normalize perversion.  The CEO of a major corporation was dismissed when it was learned he contributed to the California campaign to affirm traditional marriage.  The fight has now come to the Topeka city council!
·         Business.  We are still in a recession by most standards.  Throwing government money (our tax dollars) at the economy has not fixed it. Our national debt is unsustainable and past the crisis point.  Many fear a Wall Street crash is imminent.  If so, the world will suffer along with us as the US dollar plummets.  Some are storing up provisions for a very bleak future.
·         Healthcare.  The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has not made health care affordable.  Some say the website is still not working properly. The insured are paying more for less coverage or their plans are getting cancelled.  There are still about the same number of uninsured as before.  Christian businesses and institutions are being forced to provide abortion/contraception insurance coverage against their principles.  The CBO has revised its figures to say that it will not save money in the long term but cost billions.
·         Media & Entertainment.  Though we may be grateful for some recent family-friendly films, Hollywood continues to pour out filth and fluff.  The music industry is not much better. The Internet has ensnared millions in pornography, graphic violence, gambling, and other vices while others, in search of intimacy, continually post the status of every detail of their lonely lives.    
·         Church.  There are some Christians who are crying out to God for revival, but most of us are content to attend church and go on living our lives as usual.  Many are uninterested and unengaged.  They don’t vote, and if you call a prayer meeting, won’t come.  We are the answer and don’t know it.  We don’t realize we have the power, in Christ, to turn this nation around through prayer and repentance.  We need to P.U.S.H.  Pray Until Something Happens!